Defense attorney files two motions for Hodges case

LEWISTON, ID - A series of motions were granted for the defense of a Lewiston women accused of murdering a young child.

Defense Attorney Rick Cuddihy filed two motions on behalf of his client, Natasha Nichole Hodges, who faces the charge of murder in the first-degree of a child that was in her care.

Judge Jeff Brudie approved turning the evidence presented for the grand jury indictment over to the defense. Brudie also granted the final motion by the defense, asking the state to pay for three experts as well as an investigator to assist in the case.

"Expense at public expense, indicates that it's not automatically mandatory and the court needs to make a determination whether or not those are in fact necessary," said Nez Perce Deputy Prosecutor Sandra Dickerson.

"I would just like to say the state and discovery response has listed 13 expert witnesses, we've come to court asking for three," said Cuddihy.

Attorney Cuddihy said that one of the requested experts is a child psychologist, and will conduct interviews with children who were at the scene during the tragic death of two-year-old Rylee Mingo in August of 2012. The defense plans to present another motion at a later date.