Delays expected on U.S. Highway 12 for over-sized loads

LEWISTON, ID - Over-sized shipments will begin their move from the LC Valley to the Montana border Monday night on U.S. Hwy 12.

Omega Morgan is transporting two water purification vessels. The vessels, which weigh 80,000 pounds, are scheduled to take one night each to reach the state line.

"We've identified pullouts along U.S. 12 where the Water Purification Vessel can be pulled over to allow other vehicles to pass," said Adam Rush of Idaho Department of Transportation. "And that's part of our strategy to limit delays for other vehicles on U.S. 12 to no longer than fifteen minutes."

One load will leave the Port of Wilma Monday night and depending on the weather conditions, the other vessel is scheduled to make the journey Tuesday night. The Idaho Department of Transportation asks drivers to take it slow and be cautious around the flagging teams.