DEQ reports air quality could transition to lower rating due to Pittsburgh Landing fire

LEWISTON, ID - Despite the fact that there are no fires burning within our region, air quality is being affected and individuals with sensitive breathing conditions should start monitoring their health when outdoors.

The air quality in the L-C Valley and surrounding regions could soon be transitioning from an upper-good to a low-moderate rating, that's according to the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality.

North Idaho Smoke Coordinator Melissa Rhein said right now most of the smoke around the region is from the Pittsburg fire, and unfortunately air quality could possibly get worse before getting better.

"Currently were just now starting the wildfire season so there's a potential with forecasted storms moving through the area that even more lightning and fire starts will begin," said Rhein. "We just think this can definitely continue this just overall background of smoke in the area."

DEQ leaders said air quality is at its poorest during the evening and the early morning hours. People with breathing sensitivities, as well as young children should limit outside exposure.