Developing a Community Park remains a goal for Lewiston Parks & Rec.

LEWISTON, ID - Building some new softball fields and an amphitheater are among the goals of Lewiston Parks and Rec leaders.

But first, their request has to make it through the final Lewiston budget reading on Monday.

Each year Lewiston Parks and Rec leaders ask the city council to give an additional $100,000 to build infrastructure in Community Park. For the last three years, their request has been denied. Parks and Rec Director Tim Barker said if it passes this year, the money would help speed up a process that's been ten years in the making.

"We've been able to build three out of four phases of a trail, a ten foot wide asphalt trail," said Barker. "And so what we would like to do is use a lot of those funds towards completing a lot of the infrastructure so we and other partners at the site can begin to build or look at what they want to do to begin to develop."

A lot of parks aren't owned but leased by the city. One example is Hathaway and City Park which comes with a $55,000 bill each year. Barker said he hopes to develop a softball complex that could serve as a multi-use facility with an outdoor movie theatre, swimming pool and a BMX course on the 310 acres.