Developments of agriculture discussed at Farm City Day Luncheon

COLFAX, WA - Whitman County farmers gathered in Colfax Tuesday morning to talk about the latest developments in agriculture.

The Pullman and Colfax Chambers of Commerce hosted a luncheon featuring speakers from the Ford Motor Company, Pape Machinery, and Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo Agricultural Economist Michael Swanson explained the limitations of the country's Federal Reserve System and its effect on labor force participation.

"People know what they can earn through all the benefits from the government, and they know what they can earn working a job," said Wells Fargo Senior Economist Michael Swanson. "If they're better off staying at home, they will stay at home, because they're not stupid."

Swanson's said that the ag-market isn't in a bad place, but the low interest rates that landowners are currently experiencing are not sustainable. Other topics included the pros and cons of switching to compressed natural gas in fleet vehicles, precision farming with satellite images, and the increased value of wheat exports