Dialogue about Ten Mile Bridge construction continues

ASOTIN, WA - The Ten Mile Bridge construction remains at a stand-still after concerns were raised by the Department of Archeology and Historical Preservation.

While constructing the Ten Mile Bridge, cultural remains were found and unearthed in the area. To approve further construction, the Asotin County Public Works Department is working with the Nez Perce Tribe, a representative from the Federal Highways, Washington State DOT and the Department of Archeology and Historical Preservation, to create a Memorandum of Agreement. Public Works Director Jim Bridges said the DAHP were concerned about re-burying or re-interment of the bones.

"The department of Archeology and Historical Preservation raised some questions," said Bridges. "Additional conference calls will be made next week to work through that process."

Bridges said upon reviewing regulations and DAHP's concerns regarding burial sites, they will rebury the bone fragments back to where they were originally found. He said the government will not mark the location of the remains out of respect for the deceased.