Die-hard Husky & Cougar fans anticipate Apple Cup game

PULLMAN, WA - At the Apple Cup, crimson and purple are clashing colors but one thing that the Cougs and the Huskies have in common is their die hard fans.

"I'm here for my fifteenth straight Apple Cup," said Husky fan Alex Bolton.

"We're here for Apple Cup," said Cougar fan Doug Lawrenson. "Wouldn't miss it. Graduated in '82. Been here ever since. We come over for all the games, had season tickets since then."

And those fans sure do know how to tailgate. From the food and beverages...

"We got our tents here," said Lawrenson. "We just cook whatever we happen to be wanting to cook that day, sit around, enjoy the company, enjoy being with all these Cougs."

"We're making burgers," said Cougar fan Greg Conley. "We've got chips and some drinks and just kind of hanging out and enjoying the Coug culture."

To talking smack.

"We turned down the first dirt road we came to because everyone knows all dirt roads lead to Pullman," said Husky fan Mitch Kramer.

After all, who doesn't love a good rivalry?

"It's Cougs versus Huskies, right?" said Lawrenson. "We always have a chance to win, no matter how good or bad we are. We're going to win."

"Kind of just the whole state comes together," said Bolton. "Cougs and Huskies, and I guess we've done pretty well in the rivalry and so it's fun to going to another place and beating another team."

"Even though Washington's six and four, and we're two and seven, there's still going to be a great game and there's still a chance we can pull this one off because it's a rivalry," said Conley.

"Ya,not so much," said Kramer.

And even though Saturday's high on the Palouse was only in the mid-forties, Ferdinand's Ice Cream Shop was still packed before the game.