Diversion program in Whitman county court system introduced

PULLMAN, WA - The Whitman county prosecutor plans to introduce a Diversion Program into the county's court system that would allow first-time minor-in-possession offenders to clear their records.

The pre-charging Diversion Program would give 18 to 21-year-old misdemeanor alcohol or marijuana offenders the chance to pay a fine and take a class in order to avoid prosecution. Whitman County Prosecutor Denis Tracy said this isn't going to save the county a lot of money, but it will conserve their resources.

"I'll be able to focus more of my resources on DWI's and assaults, rather than on so many MIP's and minor in possession of marijuana's," said Tracy.

Offenders would pay a fine of about $350 to the prosecutor, and for a drug and alcohol course that would cost about $100. They would also need to complete four hours of community service, and keep a clean record for the next six months.

Tracy said he'd like to hear any comments from the public about this Diversion Program, and that it could go into effect at the beginning of July.