DNA leads to arrest and confession of Genesee man who robbed Red Cross Pharmacy

MOSCOW, ID - A Genesee man is behind bars after Latah County Sheriff's deputies used his DNA to prove he robbed a pharmacy in Kendrick.

Latah County Sheriff's Office Lieutenant Brannon Jordan said 23-year-old Kasey Weideman was arrested without incident Friday.

Jordan said he was a suspect in the January 2013 burglary of The Red Cross Pharmacy in Kendrick, and a DNA test confirmed his blood was found on broken glass at the scene of the crime. Jordan said after several interviews with investigators, Weideman confessed to breaking into the pharmacy and stealing hydrocodone pills.

He's at the Latah County Jail on a felony burglary charge. His bond was set at $2,500. He's scheduled to make a court appearance on May 15th.