Dog allegedly attacks neighbor and police officer

LEWISTON, ID - Shots were fired by the Lewiston Police Department late Monday morning after a dog attempted to attack an officer.

Reporter Whitney Hise spoke with those who witnessed the commotion as the officer fought back against a dog that was deemed dangerous and has been banned from the City.

"You shot my dog?," said owner of the dog Craig Pettit.

The Lewiston Police Department responded to a call Monday morning that Craig Pettit's Pit bull mix was attempting to attack a man who was working in his backyard.

"The neighbor's dog got lose to attack their horses and then when the horse wouldn't pay any attention to them he ran at me," said dog attack victim Robert Clark.

That's when Robert Clark said he grabbed his ax and began swinging it at the dog to prevent him from attacking him. Clark, who's six-foot-nine and about 240-pounds was able to call police, who arrived in the neighborhood a few minutes later.

"I was just heading into my bedroom in my house and I heard these two awful bangs," said neighbor Lee Dykes. "And I thought it was, you know at first I wasn't sure, but it sounded so close. So, I started to go into my bedroom and I saw the blinds and the holes in the windows. So, then I went back and looked out the window and there was a police man running up the driveway with a gun in his hand."

"He made the sprint the growl and the lunge and the officer discharged his shot gun," said Clark. "Then the dog was scared and ran."

Once officers responded to the scene, the dog ran across the street. That's when shots were fired in this direction.

"All of the neighbors that we've talked to indicated that they've experienced problems with this dog," said LPD Captain Tom Greene.

"It's been out several times, he's threatened me, attacked people," said Dykes.

LPD shot twice at the dog. One successfully hit it's hind leg, which caused the dog to run away and hide in a nearby shed.

"I couldn't even believe it, I thought somebody else had to have shot him," said Pettit's mother Christie Heise. "I can't believe that a police officer would actually do that."

"I believe that the shooting was 100% justified," said Greene.

This is the third dangerous dog attack in the last month for the City of Lewiston. And although neighbors seem to agree this dog was in fact dangerous, Pettit's mother Christie Heise said otherwise.

"This is not a vicious dog and I don't care if he does have Pit bull in him," said Heise. "He's not a vicious dog."

"What I saw was a vicious Pit bull, I don't know if he's a cross but I can recognize Pit bull blood when I see it," said Clark.

"It's too bad for the dog because the people should be taking care of the animal," said Dykes.

The dog was taken to Rustebakke Veterinary Clinic in Clarkston.