Dog that allegedly attacked Lewiston man will not be banned from city

LEWISTON, ID - The dog that allegedly attacked a Lewiston man and police officer will not be banned from the City of Lewiston.

According to Lewiston Police Captain Tom Greene, the dog's actions on Monday are considered to be that of level one dangerous dog behavior. In order for LPD to banish a dog from the city, it must have multiple level two violations, which means biting or a level three violation which means causing serious injury or death.

The owner of the pitbull mix, 26-year-old Craig Pettit must fulfill certain requirements in order to keep his pet. This includes purchasing a dangerous dog license for $100, posting a dangerous dog notice on his property, providing a secure pen for the dog, getting a $50-thousand dollar bond surety against any injuries the dog might inflict and $50-thousand dollars in home owner's insurance. Pettit was arrested on Monday and taken into custody after it was discovered he had failed to appear in court for a previous dangerous dog charge back in March. He posted bond and was released. He now faces three dangerous dog charges.