Don't think but act was purpose for decontamination exercise

LEWISTON, ID - The Lewiston Fire Department is more prepared for the unexpected, thanks to volunteers and a realistic drill.

The largest decontamination exercise the city has ever seen was held at the Lewiston fairgrounds Wednesday. Thanks to volunteers, firefighters now know how long it would take to decontaminate 100- people, information that will be shared around the state.

"One of the things it's like any event practice makes perfect," said Interim Fire Chief, Travis Myklebust. "We don't get to deal with hazardous materials very often so when an incident happens especially to this magnitude they need to be able not to have to think. They need to react."

The realistic event involved people of all ages. The fire department not only had to check them in but also wash the people that were too sick to move. About forty people volunteered, so some went through more than twice.