Dr. Seuss' words live on at Parkway Elementary

CLARKSTON, WA - Dr. Seuss' wit and wisdom has been filling kids' heads since 1937.

To honor the man who put pen to paper and brought the Cat in the Hat to life, his birthday is now Read Across America Day.

"The rhyme and rhythm get kids at a very early age to not only read with their parents and brothers and sisters but to actually memorize whole books with out actually being able to read a whole word," said Parkway Elementary 5th grade teacher Mrs. Zimmer-Myers.

Mrs. Zimmer-Myers' class is full of young literature lovers. Cozied up in their comfiest pjs, the students left the classroom behind and followed along on the wild journey of Dr. Seuss sensation, Oh the Places You'll Go.

Then it was time to hear what books the students hold dear. (Click on the viedo to hear what they said.)

It seems only right that we celebrate and cherish the man that inspired these young readers and thousands of others to appreciate the joy that comes from a good book.