Dr. Wilkinson Orthodontics gives back with 'Changing Smiles Changing Lives'

LEWISTON, ID - A local dentist is in his third year of "Changing Smiles, Changing Lives."

It's a contest that aims to help two people get the smile they deserve.

Doctor David Wilkinson and the staff at Wilkinson Dental are asking community members to nominate someone they think deserves that perfect smile... free of charge. Marketing Coordinator Jordan Stover said there's nothing like having confidence in your smile, and providing that to two lucky people is a good way to give back to the community.

"We look for somebody that's also given back to the community, someone that doesn't put themselves first," said Stover. "And somebody that we know that will do well by having the benefit of free treatment."

If you have an adult or child in mind who'd benefit from Doctor Wilkinson's Orthodontic treatment, you can submit a letter by dropping it off at their office or going online to their website at One child and one adult will be selected this March.