Drivers should be alert of potential rockslides along Highway-12


Covering Idaho….Clearwater County Commissioners have declared a local disaster emergency for the county. Here is a look at a rockslide from earlier this morning near Kamiah, sent to us by Wayne Hattan.

The Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office is monitoring potential rockslides along Highway-12. The potential severity of the slides are unknown, but authorities want to remind drivers to remain vigilant and report any slides in the area.

County officials are also preparing for potential rockslides in the area. An emergency hotline has been set up to report any road issues. Clearwater County officials say this phone line will be maned 24-hours a day until Monday March 13th.

If you need to report any road issues or rockslides in the area, call the number you see on your screen, 208-476-8971.

The county has also set up an emergency alert registration to receive road conditions and areas where slides are taking place. To register, just head to the Clearwater County website.

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