Easter Lilies, decorations and plastic eggs are harmful to family pets

CLARKSTON, WA -- As you're getting ready for Easter weekend there's several things you need to look out for when it comes to your furry friend.

You may already know that candy isn't good for your pets to eat, but there are many other Easter-related items that could make your pet sick. Easter lilies are one of them. They're highly toxic to cats. Both dogs and cats like to eat the plastic grass used for decorations and inside Easter baskets.

"Other things like plastic eggs with coins or jelly beans in them, you don't want anything like that, you don't want dogs ingesting any of those things," said Rustebakke Veterinarian Jessica Bell. "Cats really like ribbons and bows and plastic things so make sure your Easter baskets are put away or thrown away."

And if you plan on bringing your pets with you while traveling, its good to make sure they're comfortable. You can find more pet safety tips at