Education funding bills have yet to be addressed at legislative session

LEWISTON, ID - The Idaho state legislative session is coming to close, as legislators in Boise are saying they're leaving the state capitol this Friday.

Democratic State Representative John Rusche said that it's fairly common to end the session around the beginning of April, however he still feels there are many loose ends to tie up.

"I think that there's still a number of big issues that are out," said Rusche. "Education funding bill, even for this current year is still not passed by the Senate. Then there's a number of education relationship bills between boards of education and their work staff that the school board association brought. Very divisive bills that have not been addressed."

Rusche said he's hoping for a final push to get the major bills passed before the session ends. If not, he says they'll continue to work on the bills during the interim and pick the issue back up next January.

KLEW news will have for more legislative coverage on Friday, when we'll talk to republican Thyra Stevenson after the session ends.