EKO president believes inaccurate numbers recently reported

LEWISTON, ID - The president of EKO made a visit to the company's composting facility in Lewiston Tuesday.

President Tom Pawlish made his first trip of the year to the region to see what improvements need to be made and touch base with his employees. Pawlish said this visit was especially important due to the recent discussions of the city taking over the contract, and what he believes to be inaccurate numbers recently reported.

"I wanted to discuss that with the employees and make sure that they knew that I was concerned about it and wanted to keep the contract going for us," said Pawlish.

Pawlish said that EKO provides a good service to the community because of their cost effectiveness and ability to bring business to the Valley. Currently product sales are right around $300,000 a year, 85% of which comes from outside the city of Lewiston. Pawlish left Tuesday afternoon to visit operations in Missoula.