Electric car charging station to be installed in Pullman


The Palouse already has one electric car charging station but this fall a second one is going in.

In the state of Washington there are more than 190,000 registered drivers. And as of 2016 there were nearly 18,000 plug in electric vehicles in the state.

Avista chose Rosalia to install a charging station at the end of February, now the electric company has its eyes set on Pullman.

Paul Kimmell, Avista spokesperson said, “We do know there are more electric vehicles being purchased every day, we're essentially offering to build that infrastructure out.”

This is part of the plan to expand the Avista footprint in the area and the company believes the growth is coming.

The charging station will be place near the heart of the town at the Washington State University Visitor Center.

The sight of this charging station was chosen for one very specific reason...location. Just behind me is the campus of Washington State University and 100-yards away is downtown Pullman.

“We wanted to identify a sight close to campus and downtown, close to some business and commerce activities,” said Kimmell.

Initially one fast charge sight and two level-two sights will be installed, but they could have up to eight or nine when it is all said and done.

While ground has not been broken, Avista hopes the stations can have the same success as seen in Rosalia.

“Someone was driving through town noticed that infrastructure and thought to himself this town seems pretty progressive,” said Kimmell. “Maybe I should move here.”

Avista is also looking at installing stations in the Clarkston area as well to electrify the I-95 corridor.

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