Elementary students present their inventions at Idaho competition

MOSCOW, ID - Over the weekend, grade schoolers from across the state traveled to Moscow for the annual "Invent Idaho State Competition".

"It just popped in my head," said second grader Savannah Jackson.

These kids may be young, but they sure know a thing or two about being creative.

"Well, it's a jacket that has a backpack attached to the side," said second grader Chase Winner.

The Invent Idaho Competition brings the most creative kids in the state to the University of Idaho to show off their bright ideas, like Chase Winner's time-saving "Backpacket."

"You're really late for school, and you need to hurry," said Winner. "You can just put on the jacket, and you don't have to put it on, find your backpack, and then put that on."

Most of the younger kids came up with simple inventions that could improve their everyday life.

"If you have your coat and glove on, you can just put it over and you don't have to worry about getting snow in your coat and glove," said second grader Ava Hatrock.

But other inventions were a bit more complex.

"I invented the Kid D Kar, it's a magnetic levitating car, specifically designed for children," said seventh grader Maleah Harshman.

"B-G is for blood glucose, and it's basically a smart watch," said fourth grader Carson Magee.

Carson Magee invented a blood sugar testing watch because he had difficulty testing himself at recess.

"I have type one diabetes, so I invented like, something that you don't have to lug all this around," said Magee. "So like, you would poke your finger right there, and I put a solar panel on it."

There were even a few board games thrown into the mix.

"I invented Marblinko," said sixth grader Davey Breakey. "And it bounces, and it made it, but it didn't go in the right color."

Dozens of excited competitors received awards at the end of the day. But even if they didn't place, the students were equally enthusiastic about showing off their inventions.

The winning students from Saturday's competition will soon have their inventions displayed at the capitol in Boise.
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