Elementary students release Steelhead Trout after raising fish in the classroom

LEWISTON, ID - More than 400 new steelhead trout are swimming in the Clearwater River.

Students from the Lewiston School District released their growing fish-fry after three-months of watching them grow.

In February, every elementary school in the Lewiston School District received 50-to-100 steelhead eggs. When they started to hatch, the young biologists started studying the fish. Friday, they got to release them into the Clearwater River at the Spalding National Historical Park.

"It's almost like we're parents to them, because we're letting them go out into the wild," said Webster Elementary 5th Grader, Sammie Pierce. "It's sad because you know you might never see them again, but it's exciting because they're growing up."

This is the ninth year that Idaho Fish and Game has worked with Lewiston's elementary schools to help students learn about one of our regions most popular trout, the anadromous steelhead.