Elmo & Grover help teach kids fire safety at Pullman Fire Department

PULLMAN, WA - You've probably heard that Sesame Street will be at the Beasley Coliseum this weekend, but before they get on stage, Elmo and Super Grover stopped by the Pullman Fire Department to say hello to some fans.

The characters helped the firefighters teach pre-schoolers about fire safety. Elmo and Grover were there to learn with the children and make the safety tips easier for the children to understand.

"It makes it so it's not such a task, and it makes it fun and I think it really does help it sink into their heads, and it sticks with them a lot longer," said Sesame Street Performance Director Joy Carlson .

Each of the kids had their picture taken with Elmo and Grover, and they watched as Elmo was put into an ambulance. The preschoolers were able to see what firefighters look like when they are fully dressed in their equipment, and they were told not to hide from them in the event of a fire. Elmo, Grover, and the rest of the Sesame Street cast will be performing at Beasley Coliseum on Saturday and Sunday, and there will be two shows each day.