Empty parking lot transformed into a battleground for a color war

MOSCOW, ID - On Saturday, hundreds of people raised money for cancer patients on the Palouse by exercising and getting a little messy.

Reporter Rachel Dubrovin shows why the 2nd Annual Colors of Hope 5K was such a success.

Saturday morning, an empty parking lot off the Troy highway in Moscow was transformed into a battleground for a color war.

"It was fun," said Potlatch Resident Kayley Doble.

'Wondering how I'm going to get into my car without getting it dirty," said University of Idaho Student Colin Briggs.

"I brought a towel, so I'll be good for that," said University of Idaho Student Ian Middleton.

The color war concluded the 2nd Annual Colors of Hope 5K. The event raises money for Gritman Medical Center's Light a Candle Program.

"The Light a Candle program raises money for people in our county with cancer," said Light a Candle Foundation Co-Founder Debi Dockins. "Any type of cancer, any diagnosis, as long as they're in active treatment, we can help them with gas cards, grocery vouchers, and housekeeping. Just whatever that person needs that will make their journey a little bit lighter during this battle."

About 300 people showed up to either run or walk in the 5K, which raised roughly $7,000 for local cancer patients. And the idea of having fun, while raising funds seemed to appeal to people of all ages.

"Well a lot of us have had family members who have had cancer in the past, or right now, and it's just nice to be able to support people with cancer and hopefully make a difference," said Briggs.

"Moscow's such a small, close-knit community, that being able to give back to the community that's given so much to us within the university, it's just a really great feeling to be involved with them," said University of Idaho Student Brittany Wahl.

If you know someone who may be able to benefit from the Light a Candle program, click here to see the program guidelines and application form.