emsi data research company is making a positive impact on the local economy

MOSCOW, ID - A couple of University of Idaho economists became business partners over a decade ago, and now their international data research company is making a positive impact on the local economy.

Reporter Rachel Dubrovin tells us about the growth of the business, and why it works well in Moscow.

"We're in downtown Moscow outside the new home of Economic Modeling Specialists International, a Moscow-based company that has expanded rapidly over the last few years."

"We provide the data so that colleges, universities, and obviously private businesses can understand what are the demands in the economy for this workforce, is this going to be good for students, for taxpayers, and for the college to add this program," said emsi CEO Andrew Crapuchettes.

CEO Andrew Crapuchettes said emsi is an economics firm that's using data to help people make better decisions.

"We just give them the data so they don't waste millions of dollars," said Crapuchettes.

It all started about 14 years ago when these two local economists took on a consulting job for some community colleges.

"We just met, we were both kindred spirits, we were both consulting," said emsi Chief Economist Hank Robison.

"We grew from two people to 100 in a short 14 years, which is absolutely fantastic," said emsi President Kjell Christophersen.

Many of their employees are graduates from local colleges.

"There's a lot of labor power, there's a lot of academic power in this area that might not be noticed," said Robison.

And when emsi outgrew their office in the eastern part of town, they moved into the building that the Daily News vacated less than a year ago.

"We pretty much gutted it down to the studs and started from scratch," said Crapuchettes.

Now, emsi employees enjoy a modern work environment in a prime location with room for even more growth.

"We wanted to be downtown," said Crapuchettes. "We wanted to be part of the community, we wanted people to know about the success, not because we cared to get the praise, but we want other people to know you can start a business in Moscow, and you can be successful here in this town."

emsi has another smaller office in the UK, but their main home is right here, on the Palouse.

emsi was bought by Career-Builder in 2012. They're serving clients in the United States, as well as the UK, Canada, France and Brazil.