Environmental activists' musical rally addressed global warming with GOP republican leaders in town

MOSCOW, ID - Meanwhile, environmental activists are hoping some of the state's GOP leaders hear their concerns about global warming.

Reporter Rachel Dubrovin shows us how some of Moscow's more liberal community members welcomed the republicans to town with a musical rally in Friendship Square Thursday night.

"To our mother Earth we only have one earth," said lead guitarists. "Not two."

"The republicans are here, we're trying to make some noise, we're trying to get them all to listen," said Moscow Middle School Eighth grader Annika Buehler.

"Friendship Square is our public space, it's a place where Moscow and the surrounding community gathers," said Moscow Resident Nancy Nelson. "And it's the perfect place to come together and dance and think about saving our world."

"It seems like we already know that climate change is there, but instead of taking the steps of reducing our carbon footprint, we're still at level one where we're trying to convince people that it's even real, and that's really frustrating because we're going to be the that are going to be facing the biggest consequences," said Moscow High School Sophomore Alena Perriguey-Krings.

"Climate change is real, it's happening now and it's going to take everybody working together to even begin to work on it," said Nelson. "But with the majority party republicans, I think sometimes they don't hear this voice as much as they need to. And they're going to hear it more."

"We're also trying to get them to put the global warming into the political agenda," said Perriguey-Krings. That's one of our priorities."

"We wanted to make sure that they remembered that there's more than one voice in this state," said Nelson.

The rally was organized by members of the Palouse Environmental Sustainability Coalition, along with other environmental advocates in the Moscow community.