Escaped Felon Surrenders to Law Enforcement without incident


A massive manhunt comes to a chilly end for a local fugitive, who says his hiding place was in plain sight of authorities.

Kaila Lafferty caught up with the Latah County Sheriff about the capture.

Eight agencies worked through the night to find 55-year-old Derek Bost. Latah County Sheriff, Rickie Skiles said that at one point his deputies came within feet of Bost, without knowing it.

The search for Derek Bost, escaped Lewis County inmate, seemed like a needle in a haystack for law enforcement.

“The search went on all night,” said Sheriff Skiles.

But what they found out was how literal the “needle in a haystack” phrase would be.

“He was out there, he was hiding inside the hay inside the barn trying to stay warm,” said Sheriff Skiles.

Despite Wednesday’s warm weather, Bost abandoned the car he used to get away from the jail, and jumped into the frigid waters of the Potlatch River. He got out, he was cold and wet, but he needed shelter to hide from law enforcement… so he found a barn, that’s where Bost was found.

"The property owner was getting hay out the barn to feed the cows and ran into him,” said Sheriff Skiles. “And the guy said, I just want to turn myself in."

Investigators say Bost was hypothermic, weak, and tired. Sheriff Richie Skiles says he surrendered without incident.

"We first brought him to Gritman Medical Center where he could be checked out and make sure that he would be okay,” said Sheriff Skiles.

Bost has since been released from the hospital and is now back in custody with Lewis County. But during the search, one of the most shocking details is just how close Latah County deputies came to catching him earlier in the day.

"He said he could smell the cologne of some of the deputies that were walking past him... so he had a pretty good hiding spot apparently,” said Sheriff Skiles.

I spoke on the phone with Lewis County Sheriff Jason Davis and he says that they are actively investigating the possible accomplice that helped Bost escape. He says they do have a suspect but aren’t releasing the details quite yet.

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