Evidence of voter fraud not found by N.P. County Sheriff's Office

WINCHESTER, ID - Allegations of voter fraud in the small town of Winchester are unfounded, according to investigation results released Monday.

Back in November, the small town of Winchester was rattled with allegations that people were bribed for their vote. Workers at the Lakeside Care Center were accused of coercing their residents, some of whom are mentally handicapped, to vote for certain people in the local election.

Sergeant Eric Blinn of the Nez Perce County Sheriff's Office investigated the case.

"That was the only I was asked to investigate and it was unfounded," said Blinn. "There wasn't anything that substantiated the claims."

Prosecuting Attorney Zachary Pall of Lewis County isn't filing any charges. He said it would be impossible to prove if anyone from Lakeside encouraged or aided in a vote for the mentally handicapped residents.

He's written to the office of the Attorney General's Office for a third party opinion. He wants to know more about votes by the mentally ill, to see how people who are committed are legally facilitated in the voting process.