Experimenting with different ice cream flavors began the idea of a new business

CLARKSTON, WA - It may seem crazy to open up a business in this economy, but one local woman is doing just that and soon you'll be able to share in her sweet success.

Lana MacArthur stumbled upon her passion completely by accident.

"After we watched some Iron Chef thing we're like oh we have to make this asparagus ice cream," said MacArthur.

While the asparagus flavor left a bitter taste in her mouth, Lana's experiment had other surprising results.

"Several friends encouraged me to pursue it as an actual business, so that's kind of what got it started," said MacArthur.

Lana's ice cream is made with four all-natural ingredients. But she does have a secret that sets her ice cream apart.

"It's all custom," said MacArthur. "People always have crazy ideas, they're like 'oh my gosh, this would be so good as an ice cream.' Well I make it."

But she's not working alone, as it's become a family affair.

"My littlest one she helps me quite a bit make it and then my oldest son, he's my taste tester," said MacArthur.

Do you have a favorite flavor? What is it? The lemon cookies and cream?

"I thought you liked bubblegum," said MacArthur.

"And bubblegum!" said Lana's daughter.

As demand soared, Lana realized she needed to expand. However, opening a business isn't cheap.

"The trailer alone was $13,000," said MacArthur. "The kick-starter really is what kind of got it going."

Through the help of donations, most of which came from strangers, Lana was able to buy the trailer. She hopes to be up and running this June.

"People have joked about me being big like Ben and Jerry's," said MacArthur. "That's not what I want. I want it to stay local so that it's more unique and more custom to people, it's not something that anybody can get."

Lana plans to deliver custom orders and rotate flavors at the mobile unit. We put a link to her site on our KLEW News Facebook page, just search KLEW News and like the page to join.