Explosive device found near Paradise Ridge Road in Latah County

MOSCOW, ID - The investigation continues in Latah county after the courthouse was evacuated over the weekend.

Authorities said late Saturday afternoon, a man found a bomb on the side of the road and brought it to the sheriff's office. According to Lieutenant Brandon Jordan, the man found the bomb near Paradise Ridge Road and picked it up and put it in his car because he was concerned that children might find it. He drove to the sheriff's department and notified officials about the explosive.

We went out to the car, looked through the window, confirmed that there was something in the car," said Jordan. "And we evacuated the courthouse here, the parking lot, notified all the residents close by, and closed off the streets and waited for the bomb squad."

The bomb squad from Spokane arrived by 8:30 p.m. Saturday night. They removed the bomb from the vehicle and used a small explosive to detonate it. The bomb was about six-inches long and one-inch in diameter. It was made out of a cardboard tube, wrapped in electrical tape. It also had a fuse coming out of one end. Officials believe it was filled with gun-powder. The bomb squad will analyze the leftover pieces to find out who exactly created it. Officials are reminding the public to never touch a suspected bomb, and call law enforcement right away.