Family dog was left injured and shaken after a run-in with a beaver

ASOTIN, WA - A local family was enjoying area wildlife up river yesterday when an unusual animal attack occurred.

For the first time in their lives that Kootenia's Dog Owner Amber Larreau and her family got a chance to see a beaver up close and personal, when they were enjoying a day upriver near Couse Creek.

"That's cool," said Larreau's children!

"It was kind of like a once in a life time experience to see him swimming so close to us," said Larreau.

It was like a free pass to a zoo until one of Larreau's dogs got a little too close for comfort. Curious to see what this furry creature in the water was, Kootenia was sniffing around when things took a turn for the worst.

"Nosing him a little and then all the sudden the beaver just turned around and attacked him," said Larreau.

It is actually the home of the beavers where Kootenia was attacked Wednesday, they've built themselves a tunnel from the Snake River into their own little dam. And it's truly a sight that would intrigue anyone.

"The beaver kind of swam underneath his stomach," said Larreau.

And Larreau said he bit into Kootenia several times.

"I was thankful that it wasn't our children because we had our three kids with us, and you know they were curious but they were out of the water at the time thank goodness," said Larreau.

American beavers are known to be gentle, social animals, but like any animal in the wild that feels threatened, aggressive behavior can occur. So keep your distance, and take notes from sad Kootenia, his cone of shame, and his beaver attack smack down story.

Kootenia didn't suffer life-threatening injuries but has puncture wounds that'll need to be carefully monitored for a couple weeks. Larreau said the beaver barely missed Kootenia's groin area, a very close call there.