Famous chef tells Ore. same-sex couple he'll bake cake for free

Duff Goldman, the executive chef of Ace of Cakes, has a message for the same-sex couple denied a wedding cake from a Gresham bakery: He'll make it for free.

"I saw this story and I thought, 'Hey, I can do something,'" Goldman said in a video interview Monday with the Huffington Post. "I will make the cake for free, drive it up to Portland just to right this wrong."

The famous pastry chef's response came after the story of a Gresham bakery owner refusing to make the cake for couple made national news. The story, first reported by KATU, was picked up by the Huffington Post and is currently the most popular article on its website, based on 5,000 shares.

Goldman, whose bakery is based out of Baltimore, said he prepares a lot of wedding cakes for same-sex couples and was surprised by how the local baker's actions. He described the baker's response as "blatant."

Aaron Klein, the owner of Sweet Cakes, told KATU on air that he told the woman last month that he couldn't make her wedding cake because of his religious beliefs.

The woman told KATU that he called her and her partner "abominations to the Lord;" Klein denied making that statement.

The Oregon Attorney General's Office is investigating whether Klein violated the state's Equality Act in denying service.