Famous leader of feminist movement visits University of Idaho

MOSCOW, ID - Gloria Steinem spoke at the Kibbie Dome as the keynote speaker for the 40th anniversary of the Women's Center at the University of Idaho.

She reminisced on what life was like for women 40 years ago, and the progress feminists have made over the last few decades.

"Here's the big news about our progress since the seventies, we know we're not crazy," said Steinem. "This is huge!"

Steinem also spoke about the issues that we will be faced with over the next 40 years, such as equal pay for men and women. Steinem is a co-founder of Miss Magazine, and she has written multiple best-selling books. She lives in New York City and WSU partnered with U of I to bring her to the Palouse. Thursday night's event was free and open to the public, and hundreds of people took advantage of the opportunity to see her speak.