Farmers help fight blaze in Pomeroy

POMEROY, WA - Garfield County firefighters have contained a fire that burned roughly 500 acres earlier Tuesday afternoon in Pomeroy.

According to Garfield County Fire Department District 1, Fire Chief Kris Darby, the blaze started in the Lynn Gulch area by a combine. More than 50 people fought to put the flames out, including firefighters and area farmers, who used their tractors and private water trucks to help gain control of the blaze.

"A bunch of farmers have water tanks in the back of their trucks and we drive around out it, around the outside of the fire to put it out," said local farmer Torri Koller. "The fire crew goes around and the deeper parts of the fire and try and put it out, so it's not quite as dangerous for us."

"If those guys weren't out there, we would probably still be out there," said Darby. "They're able to take those tractors and those disks in places that we can't take these trucks."

Fire crews were still mopping up the fire and hosing down hot spots earlier this evening. Darby said crews will remain close by, in case any more areas flare up. And it's worth noting that no injuries have been reported.