Farris believes football experience will help him in Congress

LEWISTON, ID - Jimmy Farris said his move out of professional football and into the political arena is a step in the right direction for him as well as for Congress.

He says he's determined to take his former role playing as part of a sports team and taking his "team player" experience to to the nation's Capital to help improve jobs and education.

"I feel like there are so many issues right now, that are really pressing issues, and we do not have men and women in Congress that are willing to work together with people on both sides and come to common solutions that will address our problems," said Idaho Democratic Congressional Candidate Farris.

Farris also stressed the importance of funding for education. He said investing and supporting the development of knowledge will create quality jobs for the future. Farris is also an advocate for President Barack Obama's call for a reduction of student loan interest rates, and thinks it's time Congress came together to stop the interest hikes expected to take place this summer.