Fashionable beauty trends for summer hair and nails

LEWISTON, ID - We've talked about office wear, semi-formal wear and what's trending. For our final segment of KLEW's Fashion Week we tie it all together at Scruples Salon in Lewiston.

Bright toes and fingers are all the fad this summer according to stylists at the salon. But what about hair, stylist Dessie Coon said they're doing a lot of extensions as well as ombres.

"Definitely colors, we do a lot of highlights," said Coon. "But I would say definitely ombres are our most popular right now. It starts out with dark going down to a lighter color. You can have two or three multiple colors in there."

One good tip is to lighten up for summer, while going darker for fall. Shellac nail polish and the hair product "Crack" are two must haves this summer as well.