Fast Signs owner keeps sense of humor after vehicle demolishes bldg.

LEWISTON, ID - Police are investigating a collision after a car crashed into a local business in Lewiston Thursday morning.

A white Ford Ranger, driven by Shawn Kelly, was traveling North on 21st street when it struck a parked car and sent it through the exterior building wall of Fast Signs. No employees were reported injured. The owner of Fast Signs kept her sense of humor about the whole ordeal, saying that they have their ugly Christmas Sweaters to thank for that Christmas miracle.

"Someone would have been standing right over where the accident happened, but were having an ugly Christmas sweater contest today," said owner Barbara Craigie. "And so we were all talking about our sweaters and trying to decide, arguing over who's sweaters was the worst."

According to the employees at Fast Signs, the young man who allegedly ran into the parked car was having seizure-like symptoms so they quickly called 9-1-1 and began to comfort him. The driver was treated and released from the hospital.