Federal Courthouse in Boston issues "code red" alert to evacuate building

LEWISTON, ID - Special Assistant United States Attorney Marissa Caylor, who has family in the L-C Valley, was at the U.S. Attorney's Office in Boston at the time of the evacuation.

Caylor said the only other time a "code red" has ever been announced in the building was during the September 11th terrorist attacks. Caylor said that thousands of people had gathered in the courthouse Wednesday causing the evacuation to be very stressful.

"Everyone was there initially because there were reports that they found a suspect and that they were going to take the suspect to the courthouse to arraign," said Caylor. "But there were mixed reports the whole time that everyone was really confused. And in the midst of all this confusion there was a code red that cleared the entire courthouse out."

Caylor said the building was cleared and employees were let back into their offices, however everyone was sent home for the day.