Federal financial aid time constraints may prevent students college plans

LEWISTON, ID - The struggle to pay for college without any federal financial aid is an undeniable concern for college students across the country.

Students are now feeling the pressure of the higher education opportunity act of 2008, which turned the college and university financial aid world upside down. Rules that were modified are the maximum amount of time someone can draw federal financial aid. That means that if a student is not going to graduate within the allotted time, grades slip beyond repair, or completion of program is not foreseen then financial aid has to be completely cut off immediately. Leaving students wondering what do they do next?

"The ability to get federal financial aid is the reason they are able to go to college," said Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Andy Hanson. "So when we run into situations where we have to tell somebody their ineligible to get financial aid, that is often the news that causes them not to come to college."

These changes come at a time when the federal educational budget is shrinking. LCSC said that they're doing everything they can to educate students about the changes and help out whenever needed.