Federal lawsuit filed by Clarkston man tazed by Clarkston law enforcement

CLARKSTON, WA - A man who said local police brutally tazed him has filed a lawsuit in Federal Court.

Ryan Bonivert, 31, claims a Clarkston police officer and Asotin County sheriff's deputy tazed him repeatedly without cause in 2012.
Bonivert's attorney, Sam Creason said they were hoping to solve this out of court, but Creason said the city and the county didn't fully accept responsibility of what Creason calls uh-gregious actions, so they filed a Civil Rights Lawsuit in Federal Court this week.

"One of the hopes was that if the city and the county were willing to take responsibility, that this could be resolved for an amount that was less than where the amount we think Mr. Bonivert is actually due," said Creason.

Clarkston City Attorney, Jim Grow said they'll defend their officers in court and they don't believe their officers did anything wrong in this case. If both sides can't reach an agreement, they'll head to trial.