Film director uses Moscow's Second Chance Pawn to film scene for "River Thief"

MOSCOW, ID - A Moscow store shut down for a few hours Wednesday to let in a movie crew.

Jenee' Ryan talked to the director of the film "River Thief" and has this report.

N.D. Wilson is a best selling author but now he's trying something new.

"This is gonna be the first feature film I've ever directed," said writer and director N.D. Wilson.

Earlier Wednesday afternoon Second Chance Pawn on Main Street in Moscow closed its doors for a few hours so that N.D. Wilson and his crew could film a scene for his upcoming film "River Thief."

It's about a boy who travels down the Snake River, runs into trouble, and falls for a girl.

Wilson considers the Palouse his home and he's excited to be filming here.

"We've been prepping to do a feature film here for a while in this region and I've finally had the concept to use, that I wanted to use, and got the money lined up and the cast lined up and I'm really excited to be working with these people," said Wilson.

Almost everything about the film is local.

"The majority of the crew is from the Moscow area," said Production Assistant David Pemberton. AA camera guy and a sound man are from California."

The production company, Gorilla Poet Productions, associated with Cannon Press, is also locally based.

And, the starring actor, Joel Courtney, is also from Moscow. You may recognize him from his starring role in the J.J. Abram's film "Super 8."

Wilson came up with and pitched the idea for the film about two weeks ago and plans on wrapping up filming by the end of this week.

The crew will also be filming scenes in Lewiston, Clarkston and Pullman.