Find out how INBC blood donation changed Grace’s life


In just one session of donating blood you have the chance to save up to three lives. As KLEW News Reporter Kaila Lafferty is about to explain, not only might you save a life but you can change one as well.

Grace is your average 18-year-old girl….except for one thing.

“I was born with sickle cell anemia,” said Grace.

It’s a hereditary condition that affects red blood cells of patients with the disease.

Grace said, "Red cells are supposed to be circular, mine are shaped like bananas, I like to explain it that way. And the cells get stuck in my veins and cause a pain crisis."

Grace was in constant pain, and it was hard to manage.

"I get so uncomfortable with the pain, that I get all fidgety, and I just can't get in a comfortable position,” said Grace.

And treatment was getting more intensive.

"At age 11, I started taking prescription pills for hyroxurea and pholic acid and then we just increased the dose, as much as a grew,” said Grace.

Until recently they found treatment that worked for her.

"Two years ago I started blood exchanges every four weeks, where they take out eight units of blood and put in eight units all at the same time,” said Grace.

This has changed her life.

"I don't make any ER trips anymore, I don't take as much medication anymore, I just keep myself hydrated, eat well and exercise,” said Grace.

Without the INBC, and blood donation this form of treatment wouldn’t be possible for Grace.

"It takes a short amount of time to give blood and they don't know how much of a difference it makes in someone's life like mine,” said Grace.

Tomorrow (Friday) is our third annual KLEW Blood Drive. We will have the INBC’s mobile unit right here in our parking lot. If you would like to make a difference in someone like Grace’s life, go to and use sponsor code KLEWTV to donate.

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