Find out how you can help replace windows at The 1912 Center

MOSCOW, ID - If you drive down Third Street in Moscow, passed The 1912 Center, you may have wondered what was up with those pieces of wood painted like windows.

Well, when the Moscow School District used to own the building, whenever the windows were damaged, they would simply board them up.

Since taking over The 1912 Center, Heart of the Arts Incorporated has renovated the north and west sides of the building. And thanks to a large grant from the Inland Northwest Community Foundation, they're about to start renovation of the east face of the building. However, the next project, the south side facing Third Street, will cost about $200,000 to renovate and they're looking for help.

"A donation for $1,900 is a sponsorship for a window, and that's 1912 on purpose, in honor of our facility, and then they get a sponsorship plaque in that window," said HAI Executive Director Jenny Kostroff.

Every donation to The Heart of the Arts goes directly into the construction projects of The 1912 Center and are completely tax deductible. Just head to to learn how to donate.