Find out what the most popular northwest trends are for adults and kids

LEWISTON, ID - We're nearing the end of KLEW's Fashion Week.
We've talked about office wear, semi-formal wear and what's trending but what about trends in the Northwest specifically?

Carol Zinke talked to the owner of Northwest Handmade Goods in downtown Lewiston to find out.

Erika Stricker has owned Northwest Handmade Goods for more than five months and said she's seen a big increase in the urban outdoorsy look recently. She said plaids and flannels are coming back and especially different prints that have outdoorsy themes. Like these cute baby hats.

"This hat and all the other baby accessories are from Paisley Pear," said Stricker. "They're organic cotton and all the prints are outdoorsy themed, so your little baby can look cute while camping."

Stricker said we live in an area that has tons of outdoor activities, so why not wear outdoor styles?

"Especially where we live," said Stricker. "There's kind of no excuse not to take advantage of the many resources that we have."

Everything Stricker sells has been made by someone in the northwest and the materials are all from the United States.

"Cotton is very light and breathable and super soft," said Stricker. "They come in women's sizes and they're shaded for a woman's body."

They come in men's sizes too. She said all the clothes can be washed in the washer and dryer and stay pretty soft.

We'll continue our focus on fashion Friday with summer beauty style's for hair and make-up.