Fire danger high along highways, roads


With fire danger listed as extreme all over the state, the Nez Perce County Fire Department says the threat of a brush fire is very real, especially along local highways.

Nez Perce County Fire Department Captain Joshua Hall showed just how dry conditions are along Highway 95.

He says if a fire started here, it would likely spread to the canyons in no time at all. That's a hard area for county firefighters to reach.

He says fires can start along roadways from things like car fires or sparks from vehicles, but can also be started from things like roadside debris. Glass can magnify sun rays and eventually catch dry grass ablaze.

Captain Hall says, "Right now it's just about anything. Like I said with the extreme fire danger that's out there in the county right now, because everything's so dry, we just had that one on Saturday that a lawn mower started. So just everyday tasks that you wouldn't think could start a fire normally will start a fire now."

Hall says since June, they've already had six car fires on the Lewiston hill alone.

Captain Hall said the best thing you can do is to just be aware while you're traveling, don't toss out cigarettes, and keep up on your cars maintenance.

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