Firefighters dispatched to juniper bush blaze in Lewiston residential area

LEWISTON, ID - Temperatures are cooling down as the hot dry months of summer are safely behind us.

However fall doesn't mean the threat of fires has gone away, something Lewiston residents found out Tuesday.

The Lewiston Fire Department and LPD responded to a brush fire within the 900 block of Hawthorne in Lewiston around 1:30 p.m. Initially structures were threatened by the burning juniper bushes, however the flames were quickly knocked down. Captain Steve Repp said that juniper bushes are highly flammable all year long.

"It's so dry inside there that it doesn't take much of a source to get the shrub to ignite," said Repp.

The fire began when the residents were doing yard work. Captain Rep said that a single spark could cause juniper bushes to catch on fire, however no cause has been determined at this time.