Firework stands in Clarkston only sell approved and legal fireworks in Washington State

CLARKSTON, WA - And a reminder ... laws for using fireworks are different in every state and city. What's legal in Idaho may not be legal in Washington and vice versa.

Carol Zinke reports on what's okay to use on the Washington side.

There are so many to choose from how can you tell what's legal in your state? Well, leaders from Clarkston Police said firework stands in Clarkston can only sell approved and legal fireworks. To make it easier for everyone they've labeled each type of firework with the appropriate state.

Janet McKee works at a stand in the parking lot of Rick's Family Foods In Clarkston. She said they've had a lot of excited, young customers.

"The boys definitely like the mortar shells and our cakes," said McKee. "The older boys like the stuff they remember from when they were younger, like the roman candles. People always want sparklers and fun snaps for the little kids."

In Washington, you must be at least 16-years-old to buy fireworks. McKee told me there's a small list of things they aren't allowed to sell.

Captain Dan Sokoloski, from the Clarkston Fire Department, said pretty much anything that shoots higher than ten-feet in the air is illegal in Clarkston.

"Any bottle rockets, sky rockets or missile that are larger than an inch in diameter are illegal in Clarkston," said Sokoloski.

All homemade explosive devices are illegal. If you suspect someone is selling illegal fireworks in Washington, Fire Marshal Chuck Duffy said you should report it to your local law enforcement agency. Fireworks can cause serious injury and are a huge fire hazard.

Sokoloski said they'll have extra man power out on the Fourth of July.

"It's basically an all-call night," said Sokoloski. "We'll have all the vehicles manned from 7 P.M. until midnight."

Anyone caught using illegal fireworks could face a fine of at least $250.

We hope you all enjoy using your fireworks for the rest of the week, especially because starting next year, people in Clarkston will only be able to buy and light off fireworks for 48-hours, instead of a full week.