First day of testimony at Charles Capone murder trial

MOSCOW, ID - The long-awaited murder trial for Charles Capone is now underway, with opening arguments Tuesday and testimony from several witnesses.

Jenee' Ryan was in the courtroom at the Latah County Courthouse, and has this report.

Charles Capone of Moscow sat emotionless next to his attorney Tuesday, whispering every once in awhile, seemingly active in his own defense.

Capone is on trial for first degree murder and failure to notify a coroner or law enforcement officer about a death.

Although her body has yet to be found, he's accused of killing his estranged wife, Rachel Anderson, who disappeared on April 16th 2010.

"And then we came back and no one knew where she was," said Anderson's son Gavin Plunkett.

Capone and Anderson dated for mere months before tying the knot and separated shortly thereafter.

Rachel Anderson's sister testified that following the separation, Anderson began getting threatening messages on her phone. She said Rachael showed her one of them.

"I told her that I didn't want to hear it anymore," said Anderson's sister, Kristina Bonefield. That it had scared me. Like not like you or I would talk, like a distorted evil voice."

Capone admits to harassing Anderson. Her daughters said she became anxiety ridden and full of fear. She bought a gun, and at night would sleep on the living room couch by a window with the lights on.

"I've described it to people as watching like when your parents go through cancer," said Anderson's daughter, Amber Griswold. "They are just suffering. She was just suffering. And she was just so sad and so upset and so confused."

After a whole weekend of not hearing from Anderson, on Monday April 29th 2010, her family entered her house for clues.

"it looked like she had planned to come back she was doing some kind of paper work," said Ashley Colbert. "She had school work on her table and she had bills laid out on the couch like she was organizing stuff...she'd always take her curling iron and that was there. So that's what I looked for."

At that point they began to post flyers and perform search parties.

"Even though I was looking at the exact vehicle I didn't realize it," said Anderson's ex-husband, Dennis Plunkett. "But I used that as an example of what the Yukon looked like to Rachael's younger brother."

All witnesses agree that they have not seen nor heard from Anderson in these four years.

"I talked to her frequently," said Colbert. "I never thought it was going to be the last time."

By the end of the first day prosecutors called all four of Anderson's children to the stand as well as her two ex-husbands, her sister and a video deposition of her co-worker.

The trial will resume again Wednesday morning at 9:00 a.m.