First-degree murder charges filed against Capone & Moscow man

CLARKSTON, WA - Murder charges have been filed against two Moscow men linked to the disappearance of a Clarkston woman who's been missing for three years.

First-degree murder charges were filed in Latah county against Rachel Anderson's estranged husband, 51-year-old Charles Capone and 49-year-old David Stone. Both Moscow men were charged with principal to murder in the first-degree, conspiracy to commit murder in the first-degree, and failure to notify a coroner or law enforcement of the death. Capone was scheduled to be released Wednesday because the FBI failed to federally indict him within their allotted time.

However with this new development, Capone, who has long been considered a suspect in the case was transported to Latah county where he will remain in jail.

Capone has been held in the Asotin County Jail for about nine months on a charge of 2nd-degree assault domestic battery, for allegedly attempting to strangle his estranged missing wife Rachael Anderson before that was dropped.

Anderson was last seen in the Moscow area on May 16th of 2010.