First Territorial Capitol replica building welcomed Congressman Labrador

LEWISTON, ID - A U.S. congressman made a stop at a historical building in Lewiston.

Republican Congressman Raul Labrador took a break from politics in Washington, D.C. to see a slice of history at the Territorial Replica Capitol Building on Saturday. Labrador will run for Congress in 2014, and said it's great to be in Lewiston and find out what the people want before heading back to the east coast.

"You know I love the people," said Labrador. "I just had a meeting with a group of outdoors people. And it's just so much fun how much they love the land and how much they love the state they live in. And how they just want to protect it and that the federal government stays as far away from it as they can."

Labrador was first elected in 2010 to represent Idaho's 1st Congressional District.