Five confirmed fatalities from house fire in Orofino

OROFINO, ID - A fire claimed the lives of two adults and three teens last weekend.

It was a little after 1:30 in the morning when a neighbor reported a structure fire on the 200 block of Cedar Avenue.

"I was asleep in the living room when I opened up the shades," said Heather Phillips. "I saw their house fully engulfed and their car."

Emergency personnel quickly responded to the fire.

"We had police officers here in about five minutes, we had fire and EMS here in about eight minutes," said Chief Mike Lee.

By that time the flames were out of control and the house was completely engulfed. Neighbors thought the worst as the flames grew higher.

"We were scared because the trees and our house, so we woke up our kids," said Phillips.

According to investigators, an extension cord shorted out and started the blaze.

"Fire started on the front porch," said Lee.

According to an eye witness, the fire quickly spread throughout the house. After 35 minutes the flames were knocked down enough for fire officials to determine at least two people were dead, a number that sadly grew as the night sky turned to day.

"Five confirmed fatalities," said Lee.

The Orofino Police Department released the names of the five people who died. Allen West, 31, Rosemary Wooster 39, Trevor Wiley, 17, Zachary Wooster 13, and finally Colby Stedman, 13, who was staying overnight for a birthday celebration.

The Clearwater county coroner will transport all five bodies to an undisclosed location in Washington state on Tuesday. There, they'll determine the cause of death and complete victim identification. We will continue to keep you updated on this story as information becomes available.